A controversial book that sold millions!

This book took its concept from the Theory of the Law of Attraction… It was a very old belief based on the concept that you attract things into your life based on the frequency of your if you felt good you would attract more good things.

Rhonda had this endorsed by Scientists, Quantum Physicists, Psychologists and various leaders in their field who all claim to have amazing lives as a result of this practice.
I think this book helped a lot of people focus more on the things they wanted in their lives and watch were their energy was going a bit more. The grey area for me was the concept of what you think about most of the time is what you attract, howevere if we got everything we thought about we would be in big trouble.
Rhondas story is a rags to riches one which I love, she took something old and re hashed it to fit in with now.. and if THE SECRET takes us out of bad moods quicker then happy days!

My favourite part is The Attitude of Gratitude, when we look around and see how absolutley blessed we are it is hard to come from a place of lack. Have you read/tried it?

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