PASS IT ON is not a charity it is a social initiative that runs alongside my business.

It is a community of people that care about other people when they are down on their luck or struggling through their personal situations. From passing on items of furniture, TVs etc.. to food Hampers PASS IT ON is involved in a lot of community projects. This year we placed 3 students in Scholarships and last year through care packs for the Homeless, Womens refuges parcels and Santa toys for 80 children in refuge we were able to help over 540 people… We had a princess day for a young lady suffering with long term illness this year and on Valentines day we run LOVE BLAST where 101 people buy a Valentine card for a person in touble, they write a lovely message on it and stick a fiver in the envelope.. this can be an huge boost to someone who thinks that they dont matter.

Operation Snowball 2019

Our big event is OPERATION SNOWBALL.. This is where we are given the use of a local business premises (SEDGWICK) in Sandymount and everyone who

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