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Cold pressed juices

Sprout & Co are doing a range of cold pressed juices, they are without a doubt the best juicing product that I have found. Check out their website  for places where you can pick them up. (Available in all Avoca shops)

Christmas Standoff

There are people who love Christmas and others who don’t like it at all but either way it can become so overwhelming. Taking a step back to breathe can really help you get through this. That can be taking a few hours off and go somewhere peaceful with your phone and Facebook turned off or […]

Try it !

I have attended lots of different type of classes and I have enjoyed them all in various different ways. Even if I went to a class and decided that I would never want to put myself through that again I was ALWAYS glad I tried it and now I know. We have never lived in […]

The memory of water

I recently went to a play with the same title and walking away it reminded me that our brain and body cells just like water have a memory. The habits that we carry out on an ongoing basis create an indentment in our cells, which is one of the reasons it is so hard to change bad habits. […]