Well we found a way…and it was our BIGGEST YEAR YET.

This Christmas over 1,000 people got a blast of kindness thanks to YOU.

This is YOUR Operation Snowball 2020

Total amount raised €5,500

❤ 740 DINNERS for the homeless for Friends Helping Friends €1,750

❤ 120 SLEEPING BAGS (Proper) for @InnerCityHelpingHomeless.@ICHH €1,500❤ 75 children in shelters will have a SANTA PRESENT (avg present €23)❤ 58 Adults under the care of St John of Gods will receive COMFORT GIFTS (€10/€15 ea)❤One return flight for a dad to see his daughter €300❤One CHRISTMAS TREE, lights and decorations for community creche.❤4 SPECIAL SANTA SURPRISES & 20 SELECTION BOXES ❤150 GIFTBAGS❤€100 SUPERMARKET VOUCHER ❤18 CARE GIFTS to CAPUCHIN CT (delivered this Friday)On top of all of that these amazing people joined in to make it even more special …❤ Over 120 new and beautiful gift wrapped BOOKS from the amazing Gillian Morgan and her gorgeous team at Sedgwicks Sandymount ALL mums will get a book and the children will get 2,I could not stop looking at these they were so beautiful ??‍♀️❤121 SELECTION BOXES and 3 Fab FAMILY FOOD HAMPERS from the beautiful Ber Grogan Many thanks Ber,Mary and everyone from Basket Brigade❤30 Pamper packs for the women in refuge,donated by the beautiful Fiona Clarke and her fab students and friends x❤60 Handmade FACEMASKS for mums and staff in the shelters ❤11 extra Beautiful CHILDREN’S BOOKS from Tales for Tadpoles thank u Caroline Sullivan?‍♀️To EVERYONE who donated you are my Christmas heros THANK YOU so much for all the love that came with all the great donations.May it return to you multiplied.HUGE Thank you to Jonathan Smith our very own Santa who makes it all so magical???Special thanks also to…Matthew Toman of Bankhouse Media Peter from @OBrien&sonLandscaping and the lovely Audrey Carroll for all her hard work.Brian from Books on the green.Alison Duffy thank you?❤ALL THE AMAZING STAFF Murtaghs Hardware Sandymount who always support us???My drivers yesterday and my nephew Matt Mc Donnell who put this video together.

CONGRATULATIONS to the beautiful SNOW PRINCESS Emily a very kind little girl.?‍♀️?‍♀️

?‍♀️Please let me know if I have left anyone out.Happy Christmas guys,it doesn’t get better than this.Love,good health and HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you and your families ❤?❤ Helen

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