Since level 5 lockdown has been introduced here in Ireland there has been a real sense of low energy…It is a very hard and frustrating time for many as people wait to see if this virus will effect them or a loved one, businesses have had to close their doors, loved ones who cannot give family members a send-off are dealing with grief in a very different way, and many more sad situations.

However, it is very important not to get sucked into that black hole that swallows up any sense of us coming through this, and having hope that we do have a future.

People are finding it really hard to plan ahead or get excited about the future but we need to…we need to keep moving along and lifting our own energy it is so good for us on so many levels, mentally and physically.

A biological and scientific fact is that if you want to get rid of negative energy you blast it with positive.

The reality is we don’t know what is going to happen next but can we decide to make the most of our day each day? Absolutely!!

It is a time to create new possibilities for ourselves, something new will bring great energy.

Is there something new you have always wanted to learn? go onto YouTube and start learning, set yourself small do able goals. The 3 days NO JUNK FOOD one is a great one to start with if you want to get healthier.  Maybe you could decide that you will make one phone call a day to check in on someone, can you imagine how amazing the impact of that would be…you could donate a fiver a week while we are in lockdown to a homeless service.

The possibilities are endless. It is OK to plan, it is OK to have fun its also ok to have a bad day and really mind yourself, you just deserve better than everyday being a bad day.

Notice all the good things you have,help someone else,and take the best care of yourself.

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