Tonys story is a real rag to riches one… He goes beyond what it means to work hard and turned his life into an amazing one, now helping thousands of people every year wake up to their POSSIBILITIES… A word I took from this book that changed how I saw everything.
Robbins will show you how to look at your VALUES, the real drivers behind everything you do and your BELIEFS and how they could be holding you back.

This book taught me that you always have to ask yourself GOOD QUESTIONS to sort your situation/problem and he has a few good questions for you himself!

This is a very straightforward book, packed with work for you to do and I think it hits a nerve with most people that have read it..  It covers everything from our nurological links to different areas of our life… like relationships, finance, career etc and will help you decide and go for what you want from life.
If you are interested in changing any aspect of your life this is for you.

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