A great place to Start over…Some tips from the weekly radio show.

MOTIVATION MONDAYS on EAST COAST FM morning show with Declan Meehan 10.30am

De Cluttering can be fun for a lot of people, and for others it is really hard to get motivated. It can seem like such a big job that it is not worth even starting. To help with this I am going to post bite sized, clean/clear out challenges during the month of May to support you.

Turn up your music, or get your friends or family in on the challenges and turn it into something that will make you feel great!

If you feel like you are in a place where you would like a New start then this is a really practical way to get going… and who knows what you might find!

With the charity shops re-opening soon this is the perfect time to get rid of what you do not need, and it can raise money for a charity you like and make someone else happy…and lets face it anysort of re-cycling is also good for our planet.

Some of our De Clutter challenges so far…

From the radio show 5th July 2021 The Morning Show on East Coast FM

You can expand your hanger space by simply taking a ring from a can of lemonade and placing it over the hook on your hanger, that will allow you to hang another hanger to it but not take up extra hanging space in the wardrobe.It is also great for grouping some of your outfits…Jackets with trousers and shirts etc…

Also if you look at the box that holds your tin foil you will see 2 little markings on the side of the box, if you push them in they will work as a holder for the roll allowing you to use it more effectively.

We will be bringing you De Clutter Tips every Monday on the show at 11am to make sure you have a Motivational Monday.

  1. Take everything out of your wardrobe/s on their hangers and put them back in one hanger at a time,it allows you to know what you actually have in your wardrobe (we forget…) and also might prompt you to get rid of what you dont want.I do this once a month it has been a game changer.
  2. Go through your make up drawer/bag and check the dates, get rid of opened or out of date products.Wipe down and clean the containers on the make up you are keeping it will make your drawer/space feel fresher.
  3. Go through your computer/Tablet and clear out all pics,files,docs that you do not need.
  4. Clean the top of all your presses/wardrobes…it helps to wear a mask doing this and use a damp cloth or wipe.I also find something light Milton fluid bleach is great to use but remember if you are using bleach you need to protect your eyes and clothes especially if you are working on a surface that is over your head.

From the Motivation Monday piece on East Coast FM 14/06/2021

If you have a Handbag collection then dont forget you can always save space by storing the small/clutch bags inside the bigger bags. Also if you have cloth bags they will fold and fit into a bigger bag, this also helps the bags keep their shape.

If you buy some CLEAR plastic wallets/Small toiletry bags you can store your bag contents and this will keep the inside of your bag really clean and also you will be more likely to change over your bags for different events/occasions because you will just have to change over the clear bags and it will take no time at all!

If you have a broken bag drop into your shoemaker and ask them if they can fix it for you,it is a very inexpensive way to save a bag you love.

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