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“Make the most of your stay at home..and stay well”.

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Personal Training with Helen Walsh

This is without a doubt the best way of getting results.

Helen uses her 25years working with clients to work out the best plan for your body shape and lifestyle – in the comfort of your own home. A baseline of weight and measurements is used to help monitor progress but part of the results when working on such an intense level is the burst of energy that the client feels as they get fitter and feel more comfortable in their clothes.

Support is also there for the non training days if needed to keep you on track with your goal. Food intake and habits are also monitored to make sure some of these changes are for life!

Helen also specialises in Recovery Wellness Training and will take on certain clients going through their recovery and healing process with their doctors guidance.


The Personal Training work outs

8 Sessions at €420 (price subject to locations)
2 sessions a week x 4 weeks.

Clients are accepted after an initial consultation. Client consultations are Free.

NOTE This is only for people who are ready to commit!



This is a Body Recovery Plan for people going through loss.

That can be a breavement or a Break Up. This is a Coaching and Training Plan and it is to give people support and the tools to help them deal with what they are going through and keep them looking after their health and the fundamentals that if they are put in place will help them cope with their new reality. In some cases Counselling will be required.

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