Helen is always very passionate and dedicated to her work as a Health Coach, she has invested so much time and energy to help me build confidence in my own abilities, and she instilled so much optimism since the very first session.

What I love most about working with her is that she genuinely believes in me and never ceases to foster a positive and hopeful outlook to life.
This really helps to keep me going and achieve all the big and little goals that matter the most to me.

Donatella Porceddu

(Coaching Client)

I love your human approach. Easy to follow and very effective (I have the sore waist to prove that today). So helpful, since gym is a no go area right now. Thank you


(Home workout on my YouTube Channel)

Helen has a very unique empathetic warmth matched with unrivalled professionalism, knowledge and extensive experience to motivate and empower clients with clarity and a step by step plan to achieve goals. Book in with Helen and your only regret will be that you didn’t find her sooner.

Hazel Nestor

PR/Events/Media Professional

I met Helen and instantly was at ease… her uplifting positive and fun personality make her open to work with.. she is an amazing coach but also a caring mentor..

I highly recommend a visit to Helen. The best thing I ever did was visiting Helen.. she’s inspirational.

Hazel Lube


I recently had a coaching session with Helen. It’s funny how I’ve managed to get this far in my life and my career without being an active creator in the journey. But I’m definitely at a stage where I need to be holding the steering wheel, and the session with Helen has been excellent in terms of helping me to get clear of where exactly I’d like to be turning that wheel towards. I’d never given much thought to my values. Imagine. And they’re the cornerstone of every decision you make.

Helen is warm and friendly, but firm and questioning, and somehow she sees through to the heart of things, even when you think you’re not giving away very much! Such a worthwhile session. I feel empowered now to make choices and take actions that I know will truly matter to me. Absolutely recommend Helen as a coach.

Melissa Curley

Social Bee

Helen is a positive, bubbly and experienced contributor with a great sense of fun and delivery.

She is practical, realistic, empathetic and kind, all important attributes needed in her line of business when dealing with clients, she has a large skill set that all work very well in synergy with each other. She has years of experience working with wide range of people, of all ages. We would be happy to work with her, in some capacity for years to come.

Claire Darmody

Producer, The Morning Show, East Coast FM

Many thanks to Talbot Pierce HR Consulting for recommending my work.

I have worked with Helen on a number of different projects and Helen is passionate and committed to supporting individuals reach their fitness and well being goals.

She is empathetic and uses her experiences and some simple and easy to use techniques to help people make the changes necessary for their own well being.

I would highly recommend Helen to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.

Shane Meehan

Inner City Enterprise Limited

I arranged to meet Helen to discuss a fitness programme where on our first meeting she spotted how dehydrated I was just by certain marks under my eyes. At this point I realised I hadn’t drank my usual amount of water over the past 3 days due to work load, she was spot on.

Safe to say I booked her and now instead of asking google what is wrong with me I text Helen! Always on the other side of the phone.

Going to my consultation I was convinced I wouldn’t find out anything I didn’t already know about myself but now with a restructure in diet and training tailored to my work schedule I’m no longer running on empty!

Highly recommended to anyone!

Matthew Toman

Bankhouse Productions

I trained with Helen Walsh recently and she gave me the confidence to love my shape a bit more without agreeing with me on what I didn’t like about it. Instead she minimised what I was focusing on and made exercising fun with real results. What more could a body ask for?

Kathy Gleeson

The Vintage Inn

I have attended Helen’s classes and had the privilege of being trained by Helen since 2005. She is superb and has made a huge difference to my health, fitness and wellbeing as well as a huge emotional support in my challenge of coping with and managing various health issues, including Type2 Diabetes. I’ve been very lucky and Helen has made a huge difference.

Michelle Nolan

Coming to see you changed my direction in life. I also gained a good friend. Thank you so much x

Nicola Madden

I met Helen when neither medication nor therapy had improved my negative and helpless outlook on life.
In all of my sessions I came away feeling understood, reassured and with a practical skill to apply to the immediate problem.
Overtime her intuitive approach, care and support gave me the confidence to take back my life.
Thank you Helen.