Power Planning 2018

This is a morning workshop that will allow you to take 2 hours to focus on what you really want for your business in 2018. It will inspire you to set bigger goals and have a plan of action to make it happen.
We will also look at the build up to January 2018 and what you need to put in place in December to get you ready for your best year yet!

Location: Dublin 2
Cost: Early bird rate till Monday 20th November €35 (can be booked on eventbrite)
Date: Monday 27th November

Please contact Helen for more details


Helen runs a private clinic in

Pembroke Road
Dublin 4

Private Coaching

This is for people who are stuck or would like to move on in a particular area of their life. We will have an overall look at were the client is at and set some immediate do-able goals to get them moving. This session is to motivate and support you in moving forward with better choices.


This is for people who have hit exhaustion, this can happen through working too hard or not looking after their health. This can cause quite serious health issues if not addressed.

Weight Management

It is my experience that no weight loss is sustainable unless you change the underline reasons for it so we look at the problem areas, drivers and beliefs, we look at food and excerise and you will leave with a workable plan to achieve your goal.

Aided Recovery from Illness/Injuries

This will help you put some motivational aspects in place to help you mentally recover while we also look at your food and lifestyle habits. It will make you feel more in control of the outcome.

Teen Clinic

This clinic is a support for teens that are having weight/image issues. It also covers coaching teenagers to be more focused in the direction they are going and helps with self confidence.

Hormone Balance

This clinic is non medical but a lot of hormone issues come about because the body is out of balance due to lack of excerise, poor diet, sleep etc. so we will look at all these issues and give you a plan to start getting your body back on track.

All clinic appointments are 80eur and follow up fees are 45.