The Sweet Red Salad

  • Place 3/4 Beetroots (prepared) on a baking tray and drizzle a small bit of honey on them and bake for 2o mins. Also slice some red peppers and add to baking tray to roast.
  • Chop a red onion up finely and add Rocket Salad leaves (or other of your choice).
  • Half some small cherry tomatoes and add to bowl (you could use yellow ones if you would like to make it more colourful).
  • When cooked add Beetroot and red peppers to bowl with a sprinkle of Sesame seeds.
  • Sprinkle a large spoonful of Red wine vinegar to finish off.


Health Plan

I would like to congratulate all who took part in the FREE 4 week Health Programme, it was a fantastic success. Well done everyone.



  • Your walk goes to 50mins this week.
  • Add a Class, Swim or Cycle to your workouts this week.
  • Wednesday this week is a no carbs day.
  • Your water is 1.5 litres a day.
  • also NO ADDED SALT on any of your meals.

If you have followed this programme for the last 4 weeks drop me a line and let me know how you got on!

Thank you for being on board and keep checking this website and Facebook for Classes, Talks, Special offers and free tips.




  1. CHECK your weight on the scales. If no weight loss or you don’t feel better ask yourself WHY? And HOW CAN I DO BETTER?
  2. UP your walking to 40mins this week. Every day!
  3. ADD a CLASS, SWIM or CYCLE to your workout this week.
  4. CHANGE your morning glass of water to a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon.
  5. NO white bread, cakes, biscuits or bars this week.



OK Fantastic… So here is what I would like you to do from now to next MONDAY.


  1. TAKE A READING ON YOUR SCALES just so you have a baseline and next week on the Facebook page you can post up your loss for the week.
  2. WALK FAST for half hour every day. (Check with your doctor if any health issue)
  3. DRINK a pint of water 15mins before Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  4. For this week NO FRIED FOOD OR TAKEAWAYS.


  • You can put a slice of lemon or lime in your water to make it more drinkable.
  • Instead of your take away try a light mediterranean wrap (aldi, tesco and most supermarkets) with some Chicken, Turkey or Tuna with salad or some stir fried veg.
  • If you have problems sleeping try some hot milk and a spoonful of Cinnamon – it works great and also good for anyone with a tendancy for high blood pressure or a lot of stress.
  • When you are walking it has to be really fast…if you can get a walking buddy for the 28days that will help you get it done. If its raining you can go to a local pay as you go gym and hop on a treadmill. I find music really helps me with my walk.

Email any questions…BEST OF LUCK.

In conversation with…Kathy Gleeson

Kathy Gleeson, Director, The Vintage Inn. Dublin 4
(This is the best little pub in Dublin!)

Why is being healthy important to you ?
“Well I suppose I like being happy and being healthy makes me happy. I work for myself and can be really 24/7 about it, and taking time out to exercise, especially if you start the day that way really puts everything into place, it simply works for me.”

Health and fitness tip ?
“Don’t approach fitness as a chore and give yourself a break, those magazines are airbrushed to bits.”

In conversation with…Dr. Ziene Mottiar

Dr. Ziene Mottiar, School of Hospitality Management and Tourism, DIT

I asked Ziene as a friend and someone I have huge respect for how important being fit and healthy was to her…

Her answers:

“Being healthy is so important because it changes your whole outlook and when you feel healthy you are positive about everything!”

“A fitness/health tip: You have to do something you enjoy to get fit, if it is a chore you won’t stick at it. In terms of eating I don’t think long term you can deprive yourself so if people around you are eating nice things eat a substitute. (For example my current favourite instead of ice-cream is frozen banana blended with a drop of milk – it tastes just like ice-cream and there is no feeling guilty afterwards!) “

New Trim n Tone Classes


Thursdays 7.30pm  South Dock (Opp Church)


Mondays  10.30am  Polekix Studio Southern Cross (next to Wilton Hotel)

All Classes are run on 4 week basis €45 is payable on first night. Drop in class €12.50

To check availability ph 086 2441113.

Stretch n Tone classes for runners coming soon.