From spare room to boardroom in 1000 days. This was an entertaining book and not at all what I thought it would be like. Its 243 pages are an easy read and I found it enjoyable.

If you are a textbook business person this will not be your cup of tea but if you would like to get motivated to just DO IT… or think outside the box then Niall is your man, he navigates boundaries and has no fear.
As an entrepreneur you will be brought to the line many times its what you do when you are there that counts… another advocate of reading he gets my vote. This guy has some courage and it is a very honest book.

13eur Hodges Figgis



I am a big fan of Mr Greenes writing because he really packs a lot of amazing information into his publications. His books will appeal to anyone who is into Psychology, History and Neuro Science… For me it is a pick up / put down book as there is a lot to take in. He has spent a lifetime studying people and their power, delving into some of history’s most powerful profiles to highlight his point.

If you are into Personal Development or even just love historical characters then this is a great read and well worth a buy.



A controversial book that sold millions!

This book took its concept from the Theory of the Law of Attraction… It was a very old belief based on the concept that you attract things into your life based on the frequency of your if you felt good you would attract more good things.

Rhonda had this endorsed by Scientists, Quantum Physicists, Psychologists and various leaders in their field who all claim to have amazing lives as a result of this practice.
I think this book helped a lot of people focus more on the things they wanted in their lives and watch were their energy was going a bit more. The grey area for me was the concept of what you think about most of the time is what you attract, howevere if we got everything we thought about we would be in big trouble.
Rhondas story is a rags to riches one which I love, she took something old and re hashed it to fit in with now.. and if THE SECRET takes us out of bad moods quicker then happy days!

My favourite part is The Attitude of Gratitude, when we look around and see how absolutley blessed we are it is hard to come from a place of lack. Have you read/tried it?

You Can Heal Your Life – LOUISE L HAY

You Can Heal Your Life – LOUISE L HAY … 1988 240pages

This bestseller was a life changing book for me because it was the first time I really had an understanding of the connection between your emotions and your health. I could see it play out all around me. I believe the quality of our life is directly associated with the way we handle our emotions… not an easy one but this book is a great guide.

Hay is also known for the power of affirmations.. a bit like verbal goal setting, she has helped thousands of people become unstuck and get well.. she is even worth a google!

Feel the Fear and do it anyway – SUSAN JEFFERS

The book for this week has sold over 2million copies.. I am not suprised..

Feel the Fear and do it anyway by SUSAN JEFFERS

This is a very down to earth little book of powerful advice. I read it about 15years ago and it made me see things from a different light.

Fear holds us back every single day of our life and sometimes that’s a healthy fear but sometimes it sabotages the life we should have. This book is worth a read if you are afraid of making decisions . . . asking your boss for a raise . . . leaving an unfulfilling relationship . . . facing the future? Whatever your fear, this book will help you push through it .Inside you will find:

  • what we are afraid of, and why
  • how to move from victim to creator
  • the secret of making no lose decisions
  • the vital 10-step process that helps you outtalk the negative chatterbox in your brain
  • how to create more meaning in your life

This book to me is def worth a read and I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

Awaken The Giant Within – TONY ROBBINS

Over the years I read several motivational books and want to share them here with you with a short review.

Awaken The Giant Within – TONY ROBBINS – 512pages

I read this book in 2002, it was published in 1992, so it had been around for 10yrs and was on the Best Seller List in US for a long time.
This was my first real introduction to coaching and I loved it. I had finished a Counselling Dip and even though I knew I would use the skills, I needed something that would be more pro active if I was going to motivate people as part of my job.

Tonys story is a real rag to riches one… He goes beyond what it means to work hard and turned his life into an amazing one, now helping thousands of people every year wake up to their POSSIBILITIES… A word I took from this book that changed how I saw everything.
Robbins will show you how to look at your VALUES, the real drivers behind everything you do and your BELIEFS and how they could be holding you back.

This book taught me that you always have to ask yourself GOOD QUESTIONS to sort your situation/problem and he has a few good questions for you himself!

This is a very straightforward book, packed with work for you to do and I think it hits a nerve with most people that have read it..  It covers everything from our nurological links to different areas of our life… like relationships, finance, career etc and will help you decide and go for what you want from life.
If you are interested in changing any aspect of your life this is for you.

Cold pressed juices

Sprout & Co are doing a range of cold pressed juices, they are without a doubt the best juicing product that I have found.

Check out their website  for places where you can pick them up. (Available in all Avoca shops)

September Healthy Snack

Heat a Tin of Beans as normal. When warm, drain the sauce off. Mix in a spoonful of vinger (cider or red wine vinegar), a sprinkle of cayanne or chilli flakes for a kick.
Mash the contents and this will give you a healthy paste to go on seed or wholemeal toast.

If you have a healthy fast recipe that you would like to share we would be delighted to post the best ones. Thank you